DEPDC/GMS Celebrates Half Day School Graduation!

DEPDC/GMS wants to congratulate our small but incredibly intelligent class of 2012! As the school year ended in early March, we were proud to honor our three students graduating from our Half Day School program (HDS) – Malee, Vanida, and Chana. These students expressed excitement about completing their education at the HDS but were sad to leave their friends, as most school graduates are.

Graduation this year was celebrated on March 7. Parents of all our HDS students were invited to spend the morning celebrating their children’s success in completing the school year – the first year for some, the eighth for others. We have many siblings simultaneously enrolled in our HDS program, and it was great to see some large families all coming to support our students! The day was spent celebrating their completion of exams and the end of the 2011-2012 school year (or 2554 to 2555 according to the Buddhist calendar). Handicrafts made by the students throughout the year were displayed for staff, students, and families to all view. These handicrafts included hats, knitted clothing, woven scarves, decorative boxes, and more! The children also put on a few dance performances – some in local Tai Yai and Akha dress – and gifts and snacks were distributed among the HDS students. The ceremony was a great way to celebrate all the students’ accomplishments from the year!

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We are proud of all of our students, and our recent graduates, at DEPDC/GMS and cannot wait for their return in May. From all of the staff and volunteers at DEPDC/GMS, we wish the best of luck to our graduating class of 2012 – “chohk dii na kha!”


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