DEPDC/GMS Hosts Annual Sports Day

At the end of this Half Day School (HDS) term, the  students were able to participate in a  DEPDC/GMS tradition – Annual Sports Day! Sports Day only happens once a year, and it is a day where the HDS students are broken up into teams and are given the chance to partake in some friendly competition. This year, Sports Day happened to occur while DEPDC/GMS was hosting two volunteer organizations. Volunteers from Generation Peace Academy (GPA) and Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) were able to participate, which provided the Half Day School students with even more fun than usual.

Team Light Blue fighting at tug-of-war

The day started out with an opening ceremony where some of the HDS students performed a skit and the GPA members performed an original dance number. Then there was an exchange of speeches and kind words from the directors of all organizations involved. After the opening ceremony had finished, we broke off into our teams. This year we had four teams competing: red, yellow, light blue, and dark blue. DEPDC/GMS staff and volunteers, GPA members, and WFWP volunteers were evenly split among the teams and allowed to participate in the events!

The teams were actively participating in competition for the entire day; students were either running around the field, partaking in events, or on the sidelines cheering on their teammates. And even towards the end of the day during the final competition, tug-of-war, no one seemed to tire or give up. While the yellow team did end up winning Sports Day, I think that it is safe to say that every team won! Snacks and prizes were handed out to all the participants after each event and again at the closing ceremony. Overall, it was a successful day for the students, GPA, WFWP, and the DEPDC/GMS staff! 

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