Generation Peace Academy visits DEPDC/GMS!

At the end of February, DEPDC/GMS welcomed the Generation Peace Academy (GPA) – a Christian-based volunteer organization from the U.S. in cooperation with the Thai branch of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. We were delighted to host these groups along with Mr. John Gehring, GPA’s project coordinator, here with us for a week.

The group of 30 young people, aged 17-21, were here to help build a plant nursery along with planting seedlings as a part of an agricultural project. The nursery will be a great addition to the centre because it will be used to sprout seedlings and grow trees that will be planted for DEPDC/GMS’s use. The GPA group, along with the help of some of DEPDC/GMS staff, built the nursery in only a few days! The rest of GPA’s time, was spent working with the Half Day School (HDS) students. They spent a whole morning cooking a lunch and snacks with the children at the HDS. The food was delicious! The kids also enjoyed a whole day of activities taught by the GPA group including  Frisbee, hip-hop and ballroom dancing, Taekwondo, English, origami, bracelet making and hair-braiding.

GPA strives to help build a better world by preparing the leaders of tomorrow through character development, service work and developing faith. As an educational and leadership training program, GPA has worked in many countries across the world.

GPA spent their last day participating in DEPDC/GMS’ annual sports day. It was a great opportunity for the HDS children, GPA and DEPDC/GMS staff and volunteers to get to know each other a little better by competing and having fun. All the teams actively engaged in the competition, running their hearts out and cheering their teammates on throughout the day, tiring but never giving up.  At the end of the day, everyone reaped the rewards of their hard work taking home many tasty snacks provided as prizes for the games.

DEPDC/GMS would like to thank GPA for their hard work and participation and hope that they had a great time while visiting our headquarters here in Mae Sai. On behalf of everyone at DEPDC/GMS, we would to extend a warm thank you and wish you the best of luck in your future projects.  Please come visit us again in the future!

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