Stop Violence Against Women Day

On February 23 in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province, a parade was held to promote Thailand’s Stop Violence Against Women Day.   The half-day event was held to promote awareness in the community about domestic violence and other forms of violence against women.  The parade was hosted by non-government organizations (NGOs) and government organizations (GOs) to raise awareness and bring attention to the issue of violence against women in the region. 

The procession started at the Thai-Burmese  border and made its way to the Mae Sai District Office. Many children and youth from DEPDC/GMS participated in the parade as well as students from other schools in the area.  Housewives, lawyers, government officials and workers from NGOs in Chiang Rai also participated in the march. 

DEPDC/GMS Staff and Students Tabling at the Event

In addition to the parade, there were many activities put on for Thailand’s Stop Violence Against Women Day. An exhibition about violence towards women was held in the Mae Sai District Office, and there was a youth drawing competition about violence against women. Also, nine men from ten surrounding villages in the Mae Sai community were given awards for being model citizens. These men were awarded for not partaking in any sort of violence against women. Additionally, there were informational and educational activities for children and adults who attended the event. Each organization was given their own table to promote their cause, and students had the opportunity to participate in educational games and activities that dealt with the issue of violence against women. Performances were put on by the schools in attendance; there was dancing (both traditional and non-traditional) and other skits as well.  DEPDC/GMS’ Half Day School students performed a theatre piece about violence towards women titled “Leung law jak kang ban,” translated as stories about next door neighbors.

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