Impressed: Shan Life Skills & Family Issues

“Shan Life Skills and Family Issues”

Sound clip from the Shan programme on Child Voice Radio, our very own radio station at DEPDC/GMS. ‘Shan Life Skills and Familie Issues’ airs daily from 5.00 to 6.00pm on our local frequency FM 90.0 MHz.

The Shan are a Tai ethnic group of Southeast Asia. They live primarily in the Shan State of Myanmar (Burma), but also inhabit parts of Mandalay Division, Kachin State, and Kayin State, and in adjacent regions of China and Thailand. Though no reliable census has been taken in Myanmar since 1935, the Shan are estimated to number approximately 6 million.

Child Voice Radio (CVR) broadcasts to Mae Sai and the surrounding area. Alongside the issues of human trafficking and forced labour, the shows cover everything from AIDS awareness to Thai cooking and cater for a wide range in musical tastes, from local traditional music to Thai and Western artists. CVR provides a unique opportunity for our children and youth to have their voices heard in the community. Most shows are call-in shows where DeeJays and DeeJanes take calls from the community live on the show.

#11 in our series “ImPressed by DEPDC/GMS” featuring impressions from our children, youth and staff.


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