Children’s Day 2012

Thailand celebrates wan dek, or Children’s Day, on the second Saturday of January every year. At our headquarters in Mae Sai, children from our Half Day School and other surrounding areas came to the Centre to celebrate the day with food, games, toys, and fun!

The morning started off with some of the students singing and dancing to Akha and Tai Lue songs in between games. We had special visitors from Childline Thailand Foundation (CTF)*, who came to celebrate the day with DEPDC/GMS and our children in Mae Sai. Donations for the day were made by different people and organizations, including food and snacks, toys, school supplies, jump ropes, and stuffed animals among many others!

After lunch, the singing and dancing continued, highlighting both groups and individual students from our Half Day School. The children had the opportunity to engage in various activities throughout the day: balloon-popping games, races, laughing contests, bracelet making, getting free hair cuts from a local beauty salon, and the most popular of all, playing on an inflatable moonbounce slide!

Laughter could be heard throughout the entire village surrounding our Centre as we honored the children at DEPDC/GMS. From all of us here in Mae Sai, we wish you a Happy Children’s Day and hope that your days are filled with as many smiles as ours!

**Childline Thailand Foundation (CTF) runs a nationwide 24-hour telephone helpline with an easy-to-remember number – 1387. Childline provides its services for any child under the age of 18. The foundation works with various government and NGO stakeholders to safeguard the rights of every child as outlined by the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC).

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