Bikers and Bicycles, Oh My!

Earlier this month, two friends with a very unique way of traveling the world visited DEPDC/GMS’ headquarters in Mae Sai. Frank (25-years-old) and Evert (30-years-old) are from Holland currently traveling throughout Southeast Asia on recumbent bicycles. Both Frank and Evert quit their jobs in Holland in order to travel throughout Southeast Asia, and we here at DEPDC/GMS are grateful to have met them along their journey!

Their trip began in Bangkok less than two-months ago despite the flooding. After meeting a long-term friend of DEPDC/GMS, Khun Cees, in Chiang Mai, they decided to make a visit up to our Half Day School (HDS) in Mae Sai to learn more about our projects and meet our students. Frank and Evert utilize a unique type of cycling that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position as opposed to the usual upright cycling position. They showed the HDS students their bicycles in action and gave the children a chance to try their bikes out. Students squealed with excitement as they rode around with the assistance of Frank and Evert, and fun was had by all!

We here at DEPDC/GMS are grateful to have had the unique experience of meeting Frank and Evert on their travels and to share our mission with them. We wish them the best of luck on the rest of their travels – be safe and chok dii na ka!


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