Krystal, Volunteer at DEPDC/GMS

We regularly introduce some of our staff and volunteers to you in our series  ‘Staff Profiles‘. Recently, we received a lovely letter from our former volunteer Krystal, who stayed with us for two months earlier this summer. Everyone at DEPDC/GMS was so touched by her letter that we decided we would like to share it with you. We hope you enjoy reading Krystal’s letter as much as we did.

“My dear DEPDC/GMS family,

It has taken me a longer time to sit down and write this letter because at first, I was not sure how to put into words how my life changed this summer. When I first arrived in Thailand and looked down at the centipede shaped airport in Bangkok, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe this is my first time on an airplane, I’m alone, and I flew to the other side of the world.” As I departed the aircraft, I heard the flight attendant say “Sa-wat-dee-kha” and watched her wai. At that moment I knew I had made the right decision. I have never encountered as many friendly, patient, and helpful people as I did in Thailand. Living in Mae Sai taught me to look inside myself, enjoy every single thing life has to offer, and to not stress over things that are not important. It also made me realize, I can do anything and go anywhere with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Interning at DEPDC/GMS gave me a cultural experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Along with providing me the basic understanding of the Thai language, it also provided me with different perspectives that made me appreciate the many ways to reach a goal. The international staff and volunteers had different methods, but at the end of the day, everyone had the same objectives. At times, communication seemed difficult, but that happens in every work environment at some point. We were a team and a family.

DEPDC/GMS gave me cross-cultural professional tools that I will be able to apply to any career path I will choose in the future. It also afforded me an opportunity to learn about the social and political issues of the region and what DEPDC/GMS does to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation. This made me fully aware of the social responsibility I have for the world and my own country. Thailand provided me with an understanding of how the world works and what must be done in order for humanity to survive. I have the drive to make a difference, and I hope that one day, my journey will bring me back to my beloved Mae Sai in northern Thailand.

I fell in love with everyone at DEPDC/GMS and I feel like Thailand is a part of me now, residing in a very special place in my heart. The Thai staff were amazing and I know they will continue to do outstanding work. The children were phenomenal and they really are the power of the world. Khaawp khoon kha for giving me the best summer ever! I miss you all and I hope to see everyone in the future.

Love always,

Krystal King
Your Sweet Georgia Peach

And here are some more informations about Kyrstal, how she came to DEPDC/GMS and what her plans for the future are.

“I graduated from Georgia Southern University (GSU) in 2010 and received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in History. Currently, I am in the Master of Public Administration program with a concentration in Nonprofit Management at GSU.

“Dr. Rebecca Lomax and Mr. Frank Weicks regularly visit my university to teach students about human trafficking and inform them about volunteering opportunities in Thailand. They connected me to DEPDC/GMS and were very instrumental in my experience.

“I am uncertain of my future career path, but I am dedicated to teaching, learning, scholarship, and service. Volunteering at DEPDC/GMS gave me first hand non-profit experience that enhanced my passion to make a difference in the world and touch the lives of people. Ultimately, I would love to start my own non-profit organization based out of the United States that creates awareness of social and political issues in Asia and provides aid to Asian non-profits that are geared toward the protection of women and children.”

 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us, Krystal, and thank you so much for your stay with us and all your dedication and love! Everyone misses you and sends their hellos!

Are you interested in a life-changing experience?  Do you dream of working in social justice by helping communities in need?  Are you ready for a cross-cultural experience abroad?  You’ve come to the right place! DEPDC/GMS recruits international volunteers who would like to work in human trafficking prevention in northern Thailand. Click here to find out more!


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  1. Krystal, What a wonderful, inspirational letter to DEPDC/GMS and all of us who follow this blog. I also had a fantastic experience at DEPDC/GMS but need to find the energy to write about it. Have a great future and I know you will go far.
    – Suzanne-EH!

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