DEPDC/GMS in the News

DEPDC/GMS made headlines – again! This month, the Swedish daily Västerbottens Folkblad published an article about commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and about the contribution of DEPDC/GMS and our partner Made By Survivors (MBSN) to offer women and children real alternatives and help them to lead dignified lives.

 In her article, journalist Jaija Westberg reports about doctor and mother-of-two Anna Andersson who organises gatherings at her home to raise awareness about CSEC by showing Made By Survivor’s documentary “From Hell To Heaven” and selling the organisation’s beautiful fair-trade products.

Click here for a translated version of the article or here for the Swedish original.
We thank Nathalie Sajda for her kind help with the translation.

If you would like to make a donation to DEPDC/GMS, please click on Donate in the menu bar or visit our Global Giving page at

Did you do your Christmas shopping yet? Buy a fair trade gift from Made By Survivors!
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Are you interested to host an awareness event like Ms Andersson? Visit the MBSN website.
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And of course, you can also join DEPDC/GMS and Made By Survivors on Facebook.

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