Child Voice Radio meets Radijojo!

Back in May, we wrote about the upcoming partnership between Child Voice Radio and RADIJOJO! – and now we are proud to present to you the first exciting result of this new partnership!

RADIJOJO! World Children’s Radio Network is the first international non-profit radio station for children. It allows children aged 3-13 to produce their own radio shows covering topics like transnational understanding, health education, ethics, environmental education, science programmes, language learning, promotion of peace, political awareness, children’s literature, early music education and many more. Click here to learn more about RADIJOJO!

Earlier this year, Child Voice Radio DJs met German school children online via webcam and audio link and today, we share with you the English translation of their report about our exciting meeting! After reading the report, you can also listen to the recording of the conversation between the children at DEPDC/GMS and the kids in Germany! (see links at the bottom of this post)

If you understand German, you can click here for the original report on the RADIJOJO! website.

“We are the Radijojo!-Crew of the Hannah Höch elementary school in Berlin Reinickendorf and we have been learning about child rights, about UNICEF and about the UNESCO. UNESCO? That’s the United Nations’ organisation for education, culture, science and media.

“Together with children and youth on four continents, we thought about topics such as reducing violence in schools, equality of girls and boys, and how to achieve world peace.

“We also talked to children in Thailand – via the internet. The kids there work at Child Voice Radio, a radio in northern Thailand, not far from the borders to Laos and Myanmar (Burma). It’s a region with many dangers to children: poverty, child labor and malicious diseases… But there are also many wonderful times, as we were told by them.

“And here you can see our new friends in Thailand, that we got to know via Skype!

“Here, we are talking with each other…

“We also interviewed our principal, Mr Tlustek. We wanted to know from him what he thought is special about our school and if he could imagine for it to become a UNESCO school

“Other than that, we also played a lot of music for you: we sang, played the piano, flutes and drums, and whistled on blades of grass

“And now you can listen to our radio programme! Enjoy! Many thanks again to Child Voice Radio in Thailand and to the UNESCO!”

To listen to the entire programme that RADIJOJO! created with the Radijojo!-Crew of the Hannah Höch elementary school, please visit their website and click on the player at the top of the page.

Click here to listen to the talk between the Child Voice Radio DJs and the Radijojo!-Crew.
[Mixed content in English and German]

Here you can listen to the children at DEPDC/GMS sing “I love you”.

And here you can listen to the German children sing “We discover the world”.

To learn more about RADIJOJO! please visit their website. You can also join the RADIJOJO! on Facebook. Stay tuned for future updates from Child Voice Radio’s partnership with RADIJOJO!

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