Our Thai Spirit

Rong Thao Tae, a music group comprised of members of the Mekong Youth Union Training Centre (MYUTC) has produced a video in response to the flooding that continues to impact central Thailand. It is entitled, “Our Thai Spirit.”

“We at Rong Thao Tae send our support out to everyone.  We dedicate this song to all those who keep on fighting.”  – Rong Thao Tae

We here at DEPDC/GMS continue to be amazed by the creativity and compassion of our youth leaders!  Please see the English translation below.

“Our Thai Spirit” by Rong Thao Tae

Don’t think there’s no one at your side 

Even though you’re far away

Our Thai spirit will never forsake you

Our ties to each other will never fade

 ยามใดเธอทุกข์  ยังมีคนคอยห่วงใย
When you’re suffering, there are those who care

ให้เธอพ้นภัย  อย่าหวั่นไหว
You’ll be out of danger, don’t be afraid

น้ำใจไทย  ยังคงไหลไม่ขาดสาย
Thai spirit keeps flowing, never stopping

จะอยู่หนใด ยังเป็นกำลังใจให้เธอ
Anywhere, any time – we send our encouragement to you

จะใกล้ไกล ความห่วงใยก็ไปหา(ไปหา)
Near or far, our hearts are with you (with you) 

Take your suffering and sadness

เอาความทุกข์ที่เธอหม่นหมอง  ให้มันหายไป
Blow it all away, make it go away


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