DEPDC/GMS in the News

DEPDC/GMS made headlines – again! Last month, the Washington Times published an article about Thailand’s unfinished battle against human trafficking and the contribution of DEPDC/GMS to win that battle in its ‘Communities’ section. Following in the footsteps of the recently launched campaign by the United Nations to highlight the plight of the up to 12 million stateless people worldwide who are denied basic human rights, the article gives special attention to the dangers faced by stateless people from an ethnic minority background.

“In Thailand, hundreds of thousands of members of minority ethnic groups legally have no national affiliation to Thailand.  The Thai government officially recognizes only nine of the tribes in the remote highlands, leaving the rest without Thai citizenship.  Because they have no legal national affiliation to Thailand, these groups have no  right to education, employment, healthcare, or even freedom of movement.

“Lehmann says lack of citizenship makes stateless people vulnerable to human trafficking in several ways. … Though it costs less than $6 a day for a child to receive education and other services, many agencies turned their supports towards other less developed countries since the economic crisis hit the global market. Lehmann also says that Thailand’s economic prosperity masks the need for funding for trafficking victims in Thailand. Thailand’s unequal income distribution means that prosperity does not reach marginalized groups, including stateless people. Marginalized groups in Thailand are as poor as those in other less developed countries.” 

Click here to read the full article.

This article is a fine example of the power of social media. The Washington Times’ Human Rights Examiner Youngbee Dale publishes a daily newsfeed on Facebook to inform everyone about human trafficking and provide analyses on human trafficking news. Since Matthias Lehmann, DEPDC/GMS’ Public Relations Manager, had posted regular updates on her Facebook page, Miss Dale had noticed the work of DEPDC/GMS and subsequently requested an interview with him that resulted in the recent publication in the Washington Times.

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