Sompop is a Stella Fella – Vote now!

If you also think that Sompop is a Stella Fella, please vote for him by August 15th by using the Facebook Like Button on his profile on the PROJECT FUTURES website and post the link to Sompop’s profile on your Facebook Wall.

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What is the Stella Fella campaign?

The Stella Fella campaign was initiated by PROJECT FUTURES in collaboration with the SOMALY MAM FOUNDATION. PROJECT FUTURES believe that men play a pivotal role in ending the demand for trafficked women and children for the purpose of sexual services. The PROJECT FUTURES Stella Fella campaign supports men to become involved in the fight to end sexual exploitation. The campaign highlights and acknowledges some fantastic male role models in their communities who respect, honour and love the women in their lives and in the lives of others.


PROJECT FUTURES was inspired by the biography of former Cambodian sex slave, Somaly Mam. In June 2009, Stephanie Lorenzo established PROJECT FUTURES after organizing a charity bike ride across Cambodia to raise funds for the Somaly Mam Foundation. In 2011 PROJECT FUTURES officially partnered with the Somaly Mam Foundation. The PROJECT FUTURES global program was created as a platform for students, activists and young professionals to raise awareness in their communities about the global issue of human trafficking.

Disclaimer: DEPDC/GMS is not a partner of the Stella Fella campaign but supports suitable initiatives other than our own to stop human trafficking and the exploitation of children and youth. Sompop Jantraka is the founder and chairman of the directing team of DEPDC/GMS. He was nominated as a Stella Fella by one our supporters. Read more about Sompop Jantraka on the websites of the Ashoka organisation and the Wallenberg Endowment.


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