Become a Visitor!

Did you know? DEPDC/GMS receives visitors to our headquarters in Mae Sai from all over the world on a regular basis! 

It’s a great way to get to know our work and our staff and volunteers. You might even be able to meet some of our youth leaders that produce shows for Child Voice Radio*, our very own community radio station, as part of DEPDC/GMS’ effort to raise awareness in the local community and beyond. A visit to our Centre will also enable you to get a first-hand impression of the problems of the communities in the Thai-Burmese border area and to learn more about human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

Here are the personal reflections from one of our recent visitors:

“Our visit to DEPDC/GMS showed us the true, heartfelt dimension of human compassion. We met two young boys who started taking English lessons just over a year ago and were proud of the English names they had chosen for themselves, ‘Cucumber’ and ‘Peter Pan’. Their warm expressions confirmed absolute trust, joy and happiness, friendship, fun, and unabashed openness to us. And at Child Voice Radio, we got to know a young woman disc jockey whose joyfulness, trust and sincerity made a deep impression on us.


“These three could just as well be our own children. And like your own children, you just want to share in the hope they have for the freedom to grow up to become happy young people and to do everything to protect their lives. DEPDC/GMS’ successful model is to instill true hope in children and youth and to take care of them with the deepest human compassion.”

You can visit DEPDC/GMS, too! Just email us at info(at) at least two weeks before your desired visiting date, and we will be happy to set up a presentation and a tour of our Mae Sai Centre. You can find more information about visiting DEPDC/GMS at

*Child Voice Radio was previously sponsored by DEPDC/GMS’ partner Oxfam Novib. We now receive support for our radio from our partner Kindernothilfe.


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