Child Voice Radio partners with RADIJOJO!

Good Friday 2011 was an especially good Friday for DEPDC/GMS as it marked the beginning of the upcoming partnership between Child Voice Radio and RADIJOJO!
RADIJOJO! World Children’s Radio Network is the first international non-profit radio station for children. RADIOJOJO! allows children aged 3-13 to produce their own radio shows covering topics like transnational understanding, health education, ethics, environmental education, science programmes, language learning, promotion of peace, political awareness, children’s literature, early music education and many more.

Child Voice Radio (CVR) broadcasts in Mae Sai and the surrounding area, with programming provided by children and youth. CVR provides children with a unique opportunity to allow their voices to be heard in the community as well as allowing listeners to call into the show. On air from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., six-days-a-week, CVR DJs broadcast shows in Thai, Burmese and English as well as several local hill-tribe languages, covering issues regarding human trafficking, forced labour, HIV/AIDS awareness, and even Thai cooking. CVR caters to a wide range of musical tastes due to its DJ diversity.

RADIJOJO! is headquartered in Germany’s capital, Berlin, home town of Matthias Lehmann from the International Department at DEPDC/GMS. While visiting his family back in Berlin, Matthias seized the opportunity to meet with Thomas Roehlinger, founder and chief editor of RADIJOJO!, and Nicole Wilden, Radijojo project manager, to discuss ways the two child radio stations could collaborate. To kick off this new, exciting partnership, Child Voice Radio DJs are going to meet German school children online via webcam and audio link to learn about their different cultures and interests. RADIJOJO! will also feature soundbytes from several Child Voice Radio programmes on their website with links to the DEPDC/GMS website and blog.

To learn more about RADIJOJO! please visit their website. You can also join RADIJOJO! on Facebook. Stay tuned for more updates from Child Voice Radio’s new partnership with RADIJOJO!


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