MYUTC organises Cross-Community Workshop against Human Trafficking

The Mekong Youth Union Training Centre (MYUTC)* recently organised a two-day workshop on Human Trafficking. This took place on Thursday the 28th at the Mae Sai District Offices, with DEPDC/GMS hosting the Friday session at the Centre. A number of representatives from the community attended the training, including a number of the police force, teachers, doctors, youth, staff from the local hospital, representatives from community organisations and DEPDC/GMS staff.

The workshop was funded by Plan International and had a total of 40 participants. The three key speakers were a lawyer, a social development expert and a director of protection and rescue programmes. The participants were divided into groups where they brainstormed various social issues in their community, presenting them to the entire group at the end of the day. Among the issues raised were family problems, human trafficking, child labour, drugs, underage drinking and other forms of anti-social behaviour by youths as well as violence against women and children.

P’Mali, a member of DEPDC/GMS’ education staff, explained that she gained a lot of knowledge from the lawyer who spoke about basic child rights and different laws protecting children, and stated that this workshop was an invaluable experience for her. All participants thoroughly enjoyed attending the workshop and meeting new people with similar interests and the same goal: Stop Human Trafficking!

*MYUTC offers training, consultancy and support to youth leaders and staff working on a grassroots level in all 6 countries of the GMS, each replicating the success of DEPDC/GMS, preventing children from being trafficked and exploited. To read more about MYUTC click here.


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