Happy Thai New Year from DEPDC/GMS!

Here at DEPDC/GMS, we had our own celebrations for Songkran last Friday. The day was really enjoyed by all. Past students, children from MRICRH, staff, directors, volunteers and elders from the community all joined in the ceremony.

As you may already know, Songkran is celebrated across Thailand in mid-April to celebrate the beginning of the Thai New Year. The most obvious celebration for Songkran is the throwing of water. However, Songkran was traditionally a time to visit and pay respects to elders, including family members, friends, neighbours, and monks. It is also a time to take the opportunity to cleanse Buddha.

To continue these celebrations, DEPDC/GMS held a ceremony which was given by seven monks blessing the Buddha, the centre and the people involved. At the end of the ceremony, everyone received an individual blessing from a monk. Afterwards it was time for a beautiful lunch prepared by staff of DEPDC/GMS.

In the afternoon, former students and staff blessed the elders in the community, which was done by cleansing their hands with a small cup of water. From here, the water throwing began and everyone joined in a big water fight where not one person was left dry. Wet as they were, some staff and students took part in Karaoke while others danced to some Thai music. Once everyone was soaked with water and tired, it was time to go home, so all said their goodbyes to the elders and the children from MRICRH. Another fun day at DEPDC/GMS was over!


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