DEPDC Helps 6.8 Earthquake Survivors

In the evening hours of Thursday, March 24th, a powerful earthquake struck in the region of the eastern border of Myanmar (Burma), close to the border crossing between Mae Sai and Tachileik. The earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale caused homes and building structures to collapse, killing at least 74 people in Myanmar (Burma), 25 people in China, and one woman in Mae Sai, Thailand.

Thankfully, all children and staff at DEPDC/GMS were left unharmed from this deadly earthquake. The Mae Sai victim, however, was the mother to a former DEPDC/GMS vocational student. She was killed when her home collapsed during the earthquake. Her funeral was held on Monday, March 28th. A large delegation from DEPDC/GMS was present to pay her respect.

Although most villages in Thailand were left nearly undamaged, villages across the border in Myanmar (Burma) were not as fortunate. Throughout the neighbouring Shan State, more than one hundred people were injured by the earthquake and its aftershocks, and hundreds more have been left homeless and without basic necessities. Those injured have difficulties receiving medical treatment as roads, bridges and hospitals suffered considerable damage during the quake and because many victims live in remote areas.

Myanmar Earthquake Appeal

Three of our youth leaders from the Mekong Youth Network (MYN) that live in the Shan State have lost their homes due to the earthquake. Their family members suffered injuries as their homes collapsed. They must now start to rebuild their homes, as well as pay for the medical costs for their family members’ treatment. DEPDC/GMS will financially support our MYN staff in their efforts to rebuild their homes, as well as cover medical costs. If you would like to support our MYN staff you can do so by making donations through DEPDC/GMS’ PayPal account (Account: info(at) using your credit card or PayPal account.

When sending your donation, please add the keyword ‘Earthquake’ and inform us of your donation by sending an email to This allows us to thank you properly for your donation and add you to our quarterly newsletter distribution list. For more options to donate to our relief effort, please click here. DEPDC/GMS is very grateful for any and all donations.

We send our condolences to the families and the people who are still struggling to rebuild their lives.

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