Child Labour Awareness Workshop

Last November, a workshop about child labour was held at the DEPDC/GMS Chiang Khong Centre, led by P’Peh, P’Nui and P’Nuan*, youth leaders of the Mekong Youth Union (MYU). They taught the girls how to recognise, react, and resist situations of child labor, human rights violations, and domestic violence.

“When they can recognise these forms of abuse while they are happening, they can apply this knowledge to real-life situations in the future,” said P’Too, Director of the Chiang Khong Centre.

Through a collaborative effort, the girls brainstormed and created a dramatised skit. With the help of P’Nuan, technician at the
MYU Training Centre, it was then recorded for future use on Child Voice Radio.

*In Thai, a P’ is added to people’s names as a form of common courtesy. It is used to address older brothers and sisters as well as older acquaintances. It is common that people of roughly similar ages address each other using P’ in front of the name. The equivalent for younger siblings and friends is Nong.


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