DEPDC/GMS in the News

DEPDC/GMS is always making waves! Last month DEPDC/GMS was featured in the news article “Greater Protection of Trafficked People the Key to Reducing Exploitation” in the Asia Sentinel. Check out the article here.

The article begins with a detailed review of the situation of human trafficking in the Asia-Pacific region. “Trafficking is commonly associated with debt bondage, sexual servitude and contract slavery where people are lured by guarantees of employment, but find themselves enslaved on arrival at their destination.” After describing governmental and multilateral efforts to combat this transnational problem, the article features the contributions of DEPDC/GMS. “This year alone, the Thai organization has given shelter to 116 children, provided education to 447 children and community members, and conducted awareness workshops on human trafficking, safe migration, nationality and citizenship, HIV/AIDS and domestic violence to more than 6000 children and community members in five countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region.”

DEPDC/GMS would like to extend many thanks to author Catherine Wilson for highlighting DEPDC’s work and for raising awareness about the worldwide problem of trafficking in persons.

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