This summer, a group of volunteers from Help International Thailand joined DEPDC/GMS for three months, during which they taught the students of the Half Day School and the Border Youth Leadership Training Programme (BYLTP). They also planted square foot gardens together with the children and did a weekly show in English language on Child Voice Radio. Read on to learn about their experiences through the statements of some of the volunteers.

“Help International has been fortunate to work so closely with DEPDC/GMS and the amazing kids here. We look forward to the future projects and the lessons to learn from one another. DEPDC/GMS is a beacon of hope to help put faith back in the goodness of mankind we are all inherently born with.” – Dave from Washington

“DEPDC/GMS is making a difference every day and I am very lucky to have met the staff and worked firsthand with the future world leaders.” – Matt aka DJ Soul Low from California

“DEPDC/GMS has given me the opportunity to learn, grow, and fulfil lifelong goals over the last three months. I came here with the intentions of helping the kids at DEPDC but I soon realized I was the student. The kids taught me perseverance, hard work, and how to overcome challenges. I can’t express how much I have enjoyed working with the kids and at the radio station. Great people, great experience, and definitely a time I will never forget.” – Ryleigh aka DJ Rusty Rhymes from Utah

Everyone at DEPDC/GMS would like once more to express their gratitude to the Help International group. You will always be welcome!

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