Sompop spreads ‘el mensaje’

Later this month, DEPDC/GMS takes its human rights message to Spain! Sompop Jantraka, DEPDC/GMS’ Founder and Chair of the Directing Team, will be an honoured speaker in commemorating the International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Children. Held in Madrid on 23 September, this event aims to expose the worldwide prevalence of trafficking in women and children.

This amazing event is organized by Fundacion ANESVAD, a non-governmental development organisation whose mission is to promote and protect health as a fundamental human right. The organization’s three areas of principal focus include tropical diseases, primary health care (community health, maternal and infant health, sexual and reproductive health), and human trafficking. ANESVAD has been a generous donor to DEPDC/GMS, and has provided funding for the Community Learning Centre (CLC) at the Centre since 2005.

With the slogan “Di No a La Trata” (“Say No to Trafficking”), the event aims to raise awareness of the situation of trafficking in persons, as well as efforts to combat it. Following creative photo exhibitions representing issues of women and children in sexual exploitation, Ajarn Sompop will speak about the situation of trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sompop Jantraka and Terri LySub-region, with increasing cross-border movements that further endanger vulnerable groups. He will share lessons learned from 20 years of experience at DEPDC/GMS, with the overall message that human trafficking is a fundamental human rights violation. The event will also feature Terri Ly, Director of the anti-trafficking organization Healthcare Center for Children (HCC) in Cambodia, who will speak about the links between human trafficking and health. A second conference is to be held in Bilbao, Spain, on 27 September.


To learn more about this event, please visit the website for the International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Children. Click here for the original Spanish site or here for its English translation. We wish Ajarn Sompop a safe trip and a wonderful experience in Spain. Stay tuned for future updates!


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