A full day at the Half Day School

Every morning, the Half Day School students gather on the basketball field in front of the administrative office at DEPDC/GMS. Lined up according to their respective grades, the students then sing the national anthem of Thailand together and two students raise the Thai flag. Afterwards, Head Teacher Kru Somboon announces the class schedule for the day. From Monday to Thursday, the students have classes in Thai, Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies and Health Education.

After having lunch together, the students then attend vocational classes in the afternoons, including Agriculture, Gardening, Handicraft, Dance, Art and Cultural Studies, as well as Cooking and Baking of traditional Thai snacks. Thursday afternoons belong to Sports, and the entire Friday is reserved for Life-skills Training, including learning about a healthy diet and hygiene. Around 4 o’clock, Kru Somboom wraps up the day by gathering all students again outside the main building, notifying students about their cleaning duties and explaining about the upcoming schedule. Then it’s time for everyone to board the school bus or jump on their bikes to go home.

The Half Day School (HDS) has currently 137 students. DEPDC/GMS would like to thank CO-OPERAID (Switzerland), our principle donor since the founding of the Half Day School in 1996.  Since 2007, HDS also receives generous support of donations through GlobalGiving. To make a tax-deductible donation (UK and US) to HDS through GlobalGiving please click here. For information about our bicycle project for HDS students please click here.

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