DEPDC/GMS July 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters of DEPDC/GMS,

Do we have news for you!

Not only do we have a new newsletter ready to tell you all about the recent activities at DEPDC/GMS, we also have given our newsletter design a complete makeover thanks to the tireless efforts of our international volunteers.

Inside this issue you will find articles about

+ the new Media Projects of the Mekong Youth Union (MYU)
+ news from the Half Day School and Community Learning Centre
+ insights into DEPDC/GMS’ emergency shelter and hotline
+ “The Buddhist Project” – a new partnership project at DEPDC/GMS
+ the story of Daeng, a former daughter of DEPDC/GMS
+ …and more!

You can download the newsletter here or view it at the DEPDC/GMS website.
The DEPDC/GMS Blog now features a Newsletter Archive.
To view it, click on ‘Newsletters‘ in the menu bar.

We hope you will enjoy the fresh new look of our newsletter.
Please continue to spread the word and forward it to your friends and families.
After reading it, please participate in the poll below this post.


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