The Half Day School is shaking things up!

Recently, a new class has been added to the curriculum of the Half Day School (HDS): dance! This class teaches the children to be active, focused, and most of all to let go of their inhibitions and have fun. The children learn multiple step dances and moves from all types of dance, including ballet, hip hop, and modern dance. The children improve quickly and are fast becoming advanced dancers. Currently, they are practising the famous dance to Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller”.

The dance class is taught by Tera and Tina, two of the international volunteers at DEPDC/GMS; they are supported by Miss Li, a teacher for Social and Cultural Studies at the Half Day School. “The kids, to begin with, were very good at dancing and some would even do it in their spare time, particularly break dancing. What this class does is to give them a great creative outlet for their current interests and to teach them how to develop them further“, Tera explains. More important, though, are the lessons that the kids take away from the class. The class expands the children’s perspective of self through self-empowerment, confidence-building, and by exposing them to different cultures through dance. It allows the children to step out of their comfort zones and into the spotlight. Look out for them as the year progresses; who knows, they might give a performance within the next few months.

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