DEPDC Library goes Dutch!

The library at DEPDC/GMS is currently undergoing a major transformation, thanks to the generous support of the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC). and thanks to the hard work by Vincent, one of the international volunteers that we introduced to you a few weeks back. Let’s hear what Vincent has to tell you about his project.

“A couple of months ago, I was asked to paint the library located at the building that houses the Community Learning Centre (CLC). I went to art school in Belgium for a year and I am also teaching art at DEPDC’s Half Day School (HDS), so it sounded like the perfect assignment for me. I started the project with great enthusiasm, particularly because the library looked like it had been neglected for some time, and because I feel that a library should be an attractive and comfortable place where children feel encouraged to read.

“My only instruction from DEPDC was to draw happy children, cartoon animals and nature motives. I am glad that they gave me the freedom to use my own style and to paint the things I felt would be the most beautiful. I started by coating all the walls with an extra layer of white, then painted a waterfall, islands, and a meadow with flowers, adding many animals along the way, such as a dog, a cat, a frog, a rabbit and a monkey, as well as two snails and a hen with five chicks. The walls are also filled with children picking flowers, dancing, playing football and reading books. The painting of the library is now almost done and I am glad that I will manage to finish it before my time at DEPDC will come to an end. Once it’s completed, the library will be a beautiful place where children will feel at home, and hopefully they will enjoy reading there for a long time to come.”

Everybody at DEPDC/GMS is impressed with Vincent’s great art work. That’s why we couldn’t wait to give you a sneak preview even before the grand reopening. A Dutch painter called Vincent – it’s no surprise really that it became a masterpiece, is it?

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