This week, DEPDC received two visitors from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Ms. Yukiko ODA and Ms. Midori FURUKAWA, Chief Advisor and Project Coordinator at JICA respectively.

JICA operates in Thailand as part of a joint project between the Japanese and Thai government. The ‘Project on Strengthening of Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT) for Protection of Trafficked Persons’ aims to support the Thai government to provide effective protection to trafficked persons through operations of multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs), initially in the Bangkok Metropolitan area, and in the Chiang Rai and Phayao provinces. For the future it is planned to apply the MDT approach to other provinces within Thailand.

What is the MDT Approach?

MDTs are groups of professionals drawn from diverse disciplines. They include public prosecutors, social workers, psychologists, medical workers, lawyers, NGO workers and other persons working towards improved protection of victims of human trafficking. The Thai government has introduced the MDT approach as part of regional MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) to protect trafficked persons’ human rights and well-being by providing them with social, medical and legal services, and to further their social reintegration as well as to eliminate the danger of re-trafficking.

Ms. Oda, a long-time advocate for women’s rights in Japan, and Ms. Furukawa, who is with the JICA project since its very conception, visited DEPDC/GMS to learn more about its projects and showed particular interest in DEPDC’s Child Help Line and its two emergency shelters, the MRICRH and BCPR, all of which are staffed with multi-disciplinary teams. The encounter was fruitful and encouraging for all participants, and everyone at DEPDC/GMS wishes the JICA project the best success.

For more information about JICA’s project in Thailand click here. For general information about JICA please click here.

Japan International Cooperation AgencyJapan International Cooperation Agency

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