A new structure and a new name. Effective January 18th, 2010, DEPDC has updated the organisation’s name to DEPDC/GMS, for ‘Greater Mekong Sub-Region’.

This name better reflects the regional efforts that DEPDC coordinates through the Mekong Youth Union (MYU). Currently operating in Myanmar (Burma), Lao PDR, China’s Yunnan Province, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, the MYU links 96 trained youth leaders in grassroots anti-trafficking projects. Underscoring the importance of this cross-border work for the future of human rights efforts, the new name DEPDC/GMS places the regional focus right at the heart of the organisation.

On the same date, DEPDC/GMS also updated the organisation’s structure to a team-based governing system. A team of five directors, headed by the founder Ajarn Sompop Jantraka, leads the organisation by collective decisions.

DEPDC’s Executive Director under the previous structure, Khun Alinda Suya, now acts as the Executive of this Directing Team, carrying out the decisions made by the committee of directors. The other Directing Team members include: Ms. Somporn Khempetch, Director of MYU Training Centre; Ms. Ramjai Jaijoy, Director of Administration; and Ms. Phuangthong Takan, Director of Chiang Khong Centre.


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