MYN Seminar with Frank & Becky

The students of the Mekong Youth Net (MYN) are always interested to learn new skills and develop themselves as great leaders. Thus, it was a great experience for them when our supporters Frank and Becky came to visit and carried out a two-day seminar for them to further their understanding of and knowledge about human trafficking. Frank and Becky are originally from Louisiana in the United States but now live in Chiang Mai. Together, they broke down the topic into categories, using a slide presentation. Our staff Lucy, Graziella, Sarah, Lara and P’Coun were present at the meeting alongside Khun Sompop who translated for the MYN students.

Frank and Becky talked about different cases, giving examples of situations they have been involved in or had to deal with, explaining how they overcame the problems and the best ways to correct the matters at hand. A really nice touch was that Frank and Becky sang songs at the end of their seminar. They performed Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s ‘We are the World’ and the magnificent Louis Armstrong ‘What a wonderful world’, as music can speak out to everyone.  

A suprise for everyone was that P’Coun created a sign for Frank and Becky saying “To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world’, a statement that they made during the seminar. They were extremely delighted at the gift from P’Coun and signed their names on the bottom of it, a perfect ending to a great seminar.


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